Biscuit ware amphor

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A unique, hand made vessel in the shape of an amphor made of the so called biscuit ware characteristic of the traditional pottery. The vessel is unglazed, biscuit in colour and comes from the workshop of an eminent Polish potter where it was made by hand using traditional methods and ornaments. The vessel has been kiln fired using a traditional, centuries old method. Its bottom bears the unique mark of the pottery master who made it. 

The amphor has been impregnated so as to make it impermeable to water which eliminated the effect of 'sweating' characteristic of terracota and biscuit ware. This makes it ideal for use as decoration or a vase for flowers. It must not be used for storing food though. 

Height: 33 cm

Width: 19,5 cm handles included

Diameter: 16 cm


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